Tinkercad and Makerbot Chess Contest

March 23, 2012

A Makerbot is up for grabs to whoever wins over the judges in this contest to design a set of chess pieces. The contest details are here. I follow the happenings at Tinkercad on my RSS reader and knew I had to enter. Tinkercad is a web-based, solid modeling computer aided design (CAD) application that has hookups with Thingiverse (for sharing your designs) and links to their own fabrication shop (so you can have your designs printed). Tinkercad also gives the option to download the files to print at home. Tinkercad is beautiful in the fact that it is simple to use, browser-based and encourages sharing. It has been fun watching how many other users have printed my design. If you want a Makerbot, go ahead and enter.

Modeling Environment View of the modeling environment.

Modeling Environment A 3D render of the final design