The Importance of Convergence

May 10, 2013

I’m sure that you’ve heard of silos. No, not the kind that house ICBMs, but the idea of compartmentalizing different groups/specialties to work independently. Partly due to the company’s culture and and the industry that I used to work in (nuclear energy), there is this idea that you are only as qualified as the title or degree that you hold. I can’t change a sensor without having my hand held. It’s bull and I don’t buy it. I am a mechanical engineer by degree. I also: code, understand sparks in wires, know too many technical computer terms, know the 180° shutter rule and keyframing, play the guitar, design websites, understand the difference between a slab and serif typeface and know how to cook. The point is that no one person, in my opinion, should be defined by their title, degree or singular skill. I’m currently pursuing a master’s degree in computer science. Why? I love to learn, I’m a geek and would love to find a meaningful way to find a convergence point between the physical and the abstract worlds. Maybe I will continue to design automation equipment and find a way to program PLCs and microcontrollers. Maybe I will help develop software that takes advantage of some hardware component (internet of things comes to mind). Maybe I could be a Mythbusters host! It doesn’t matter. Breadth of understanding in more important than depth. Naïve or common knowledge can lead to a deeper understanding.