March 17, 2016

This site serves more or less as a diary of my learnings and topics that generally interest me.

There’s a solid chance that much of the content here may not follow any consistent themes as I have interests such as: tech advocacy, sustainability, gardening, industrial design, IoT, software development, making, heavy metal covers of movie tunes, 3d printing and so on.

Professionally, my career began as a mechanical engineer (EIT cert only) designing and optimizing manufacturing equipment and processes in the commercial nuclear power industry. Being a geek and desiring a shorter iteration cycle for building and delivering products, I made a career step into software development, but not too hastily to forget the attributes of mechanical engineering that I love (first principles, the scientific method, 3d modeling and design, mechatronic interfacing, prototyping and desktop manufacturing). I worked for 1.5 years with an automotive telematics startup and learned a tremendous amount about the industry and made some near and dear friends who would eventually become my new business partners. Having the right level of mojo, four of us started Fount, a digital product design and development collective. Fount focuses on building digital assets for our clients and establishing meaningful, long-term relationships with them. Fount is currently on hiatus while the team is engaged, full time in the health tech space.

Le Create is my personal brand which offers consulting and contracting services for mechanical design, hardware prototyping and aerial photography.

I’m very blessed to have a wonderful family surrounding me: a wife beyond reproach and 4 beautiful children, not to mention my immediate family and inlaws.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find something positive to takeaway here.